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Michelle Sutherland

Box 3052

Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

B4A 5B6

(902) 742-7595

Creative Tides Consulting (CTC) provides training, mediation, coaching, investigative and early dispute resolution services across Atlantic Canada. 

Listen to Michelle being interviewed by CBC Radio re Launch of Men of Depth Program at Carleton University 2007

Michelle Sutherland

B.A. (Law)


Passionate adult educator/facilitator with a proven track record of developing and delivering learner-centred workshops in a creative, humorous and often contagiously passionate manner.

Experienced mediator, conflict educator and experienced human rights complaint manager.

MBTI® Certified Practitioner specializing in team building, conflict, and leadership development.

Deeply whimsical digital
artist, photographer, and graphic illustrator.



team building, MBTI (flex-talk, flex-care), conflict resolution skills, dynamics of anger, organizational development, diversity, human rights, change management, leadership, communication, cultural competency, gender socialization (bullying, sexism, hyper-sexualization), learning styles, creativity, effective facilitation.


workplace conflict, harassments and discrimination, and poisoned work environments.


B.A. Law  Carleton University

Senate Medal Recipient

Professional Certificate

in Conflict Management

Sprott School of Business,

Carleton University

Certified Myers-Briggs

Type Indicator Practitioner (MBTI) Psychometrics Canada

Published Author

Mediation Quarterly

Advanced Training

in Insight Mediation

Centre for Conflict Resolution

Advance Training

in  Narrative Mediation

Centre for Conflict Resolution